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Our Story

Filling the gap for affordable handcrafted luxury  

Providing an alternative to a market filled with costly well known designer labels or cheap mass produced factory made products. 

Our belief 

We work with threads and fabric to bring a craft to you in a luxurious (to bring to you luxury crafted in the ) form of clothes, accessories and home decor. We believe that luxury and elegance does not have to be synonymous with prestige, rather it comes from feeling confident with your own true identity. 

We don't want you to struggle with fitting into the latest trends or worrying about what is the current fad, we want to provide you with things that represent just you and your style. For this reason, we present to you an array of thoughtfully created pieces that you can treasure timelessly. 

In the process, we work on promoting and conserving Indian heritage artisanal embroidery and craftsmanship.Every person in the process is fairly paid, making each piece/ products ethically viable. We work directly with the artisans cutting the costs of middle men in order to keep the products affordable.  

We bring together artistry that is embedded in tradition yet, meets the modern woman's lifestyle across the globe. Our creations are an  amalgamation/ fusion  of classic techniques and experimental avant-garde / progressive impressions/ patterns / motifs .

Our beginning/ Our story  

 CLOTHCRAFTE was born from a mother’s desire to dress herself and her kids in the finest manner / ensemble she could. 

This mother and also the founder of Clothcrafte, Anita had a childhood surrounded by canvases from small unknown talented artist, dainty flower arrangements from the next door neighbour and amongst all a small yet unique wardrobe that was an amalgamation of pass-downs from her mother and made to order handcrafted clothes with minuscule details embellished on them. 

Her parents were business owners who had rebuilt life in India after being forced to leave Pakistan after the partition. The one thing that they carried with them was the rich history and passion for exquisite craft and that is what Anita was accustomed to. She recalls as a young girl meandering the markets with her mother, who was constantly looking for threads, buttons, fabrics, weavers, artisans, tailors. Watching her mother mix and match colors and discuss patterns with dressmakers was all very intriguing for little Anita.  

Over the years, when Anita had children of her own she like her mother has preserved some special pieces that her daughter would wear. However, she found that handcrafted tailor-made clothes were getting harder to find at affordable prices. She either had to turn to big-name designers or mass produced factory made clothes. Out of necessity, she was compelled to design her clothes and find local artisans and tailors to help create her concepts. Before she knew it, she was assembling pieces of home decor and clothing upon requests from girlfriends and women in the family. Soon people were placing order through word of mouth. The artist and tailors started looking forward to orders and a constant stream of revenue. That is when Clothcrafte was formed. In 1998 taking it from a small operation from her tiny apartment to a brick in mortar showroom / store/ studio/ in the historic part of Mumbai, India. 

Today Clothcrafte is a brand that has organically grown. We continue to  design and customize clothes and accessories for our  very first customers, who have been true royal fans since our humble beginnings.While the team has expanded ,we also proudly still work amongst other, with the tailors and artisans who bought to concept the first designs. Our mantra is still the same - Beauty and luxury don’t have to be infused with wealth and prestige/repute (limited to wealth and fortune), rather it is a self-expression of your individual style. Keeping this mantra, we create pieces keeping in mind endurance. Pieces that can be worn/relevant years after they are purchased, pieces that don’t go by defined fashion, but rather by styles that are timeless. 

We design for those who appreciate the essence of craft, quality and consistency. For the one who is creative minded and doesn't just want to fit in,  but can build confidence to stand out.  

By purchasing from us you are investing in yourself and in the sustainability of rich artistry. 

Our approach 


In our quest to provide access to handcrafted luxury pieces, since 1988 we have been promoting and reviving Indian  heritage artisanal embroidery and craftsmanship. We do this by creating thoughtful pieces that our customers will treasure timelessly. 

We bring together artistry that is embedded in tradition yet, meets the modern woman's lifestyle across the globe. Clothcrafte creates a fusion of classic with contemporary designs. 

Each piece of product is 

  • Thoughtfully designed 
  • Using locally sourced fabrics across India 
  • Intricately crafted by artisans, who have inherited and passed down enriching /ornate/ exquisite techniques over many generations 
  • 100% hand cut and  delicately sewn by a team of conscientious tailors 
  • Finally bringing you a fine piece to cherish for years to come 

You don’t want to just fit in , but want to stand out.

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