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CLOTHCRAFTE was created from a mother’s desire to dress her family in the finest manner she could.

The founder of Clothcrafte, Anita, had a childhood surrounded by talented artists, dainty flower arrangements and a small, yet unique wardrobe that was an amalgamation of pass-downs and made to order handcrafted clothes with minuscule details embellished on them. She recalls as a young girl meandering the markets with her mother, who was constantly looking for threads, buttons, fabrics, weavers, artisans, tailors. Watching her mother mix and match colors and discuss patterns with dressmakers was all very intriguing for Anita.

When Anita had children of her own, she like her mother, preserved some special pieces that her daughter would wear. However, she found that handcrafted, tailor-made clothes were hard to find at affordable prices. Out of necessity, she was compelled to design her clothes and find local artisans and tailors to help create her concepts. She was assembling pieces of home decor and clothing, and before she knew it, she was in business. It all began in 1998 from Anita’s tiny apartment and transformed to a brick in mortar showroom in the historic part of Mumbai, India.

While the team has expanded, we continue to design and customize clothes and accessories for our very first customers, and proudly work with some of the tailors and artisans who brought to concept the first designs.

By purchasing from us you become part of the rich history and keep the story alive.



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